Friday, March 5, 2021

SESC 2021 is cancelled

We have decided that the best and safest decision is to cancel our June 2021 gathering. We hope to see you all again in 2022. Love, light, and abundant blessings to all.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Jayne Howard Feldman

Jayne Howard Feldman is the author of COMMUNE WITH THE ANGELS (ARE Press, 1992) which is now in its 12th printing and published in five languages; DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF ANGELS (ARE Press, 2002) and ANGELS BY MY SIDE (Author House, 2004).

Her books will be available for purchase in the SESC Art Center.

She is the founder of BE AN ANGEL DAY – celebrated annually on August 22nd. Additionally she is the founder of INSPIRE YOUR HEART WITH THE ARTS DAY celebrated on January 31st.

Jayne is an ordained interfaith minister, Reiki Master and curator of Angel Heights Healing Arts Center. Jayne maintains a private spiritual life coaching and counseling practice offering telephone and in-person consultations. She holds spiritual development classes in her home and since 1997 has produced a monthly inspirational CD for subscribers around the world.

Jayne resides in Upperco, Maryland with her husband, Charles,  and their Jack Russell Terrier,  Hattie.

Please visit her website, Earth Angel 4 Peace.

Laraaji and Arji

LARAAJI and Arji OceAnanda are healing musicians, sound practitioners, heart-centric inspirational artists & global touring concert/ playshop facilitators. Their offerings touch on the healing power of mindful sound improvisation, Reiki energy touch, laughter, movement, meditative stillness and high vibrational celebration.

LARAAJI is a world class New Age Ambient composer, musician, & recording artist whose generous contribution to contemporary inspirational listening libraries is well received and enjoyed for its blissful contemplative cosmic wisdom.
His long list of beautiful music recordings have won their place in many new age music libraries. Since his major consciousness shift in the mid 1970's, he has been inspired to share a celestial sound and consciousness vision with those who have been drawn to experience his gift.  He currently lives in Harlem, NY.

Learn more on his website; read his bio on Wikipedia.

Bliss out with Laraaji & Arji: NPR Tiny Desk Concert! 

Laraaji will be joined by Arji OceAnanda, an energy worker (Usui Reiki Master), sound healer and musician, and Dreamwork teacher with a private practice based in Niskayuna (near Albany), New York.  Arji holds degrees in both psychology and counseling. Music, meditation, and spontaneous Flowspace are among her greatest teachers.  Her healing work is intutive, heart-filled, and gentle. 
Arji and Laraaji have collaborated globally since 2008.

Cheryl Bridges

As an intuitive counselor and Quaker minister, Cheryl Bridges has spent her lifetime exploring the healing power of creativity and the inner spirit. She believes that creativity is the key to discovering and expressing Who We Really Are.
Cheryl has been doing intuitive readings/spiritual counseling for 29 years. The focus of her work is to help people identify, implement, and navigate rubber-meets-the-road steps toward a more authentic, abundant, and passionate life.

When she isn’t doing one-on-one counseling, Cheryl uses her intuitive gifts as a business coach, author, college instructor, hospice chaplain, and inspirational speaker. She holds a B.S. in Business & Economics and a M.Div. from Wake Forest University School of Divinity. 

She is the author of "Me, Myself, & I ~ 28 Days of Creative Self-Love." More info about her book is here.
More information about Cheryl and her work can be found online at: .

Linda Robinson

Linda is an author, teacher, speaker, and channel with an emphasis on personal development, spirituality, and metaphysics. She is a messenger for the Angelic Realm of Light, the Divine Feminine, and the Hathors. She speaks at spiritual and metaphysical events on topics such as applying spiritual practices to daily life, the Divine Feminine, wisdom teachings from the Angelic Realm, and her pilgrimages to sacred sites. 

Linda is the author of two books. In her first book, Reflections on the Path: The Awakening, she describes her own journey of spiritual growth from a traditional background to awakening to metaphysics and spirituality. In her second book, Being True to Yourself: A Multidimensional Approach for Seasoned Travelers on the Spiritual Path, she invites you to look at aspects of walking a path that feels like you at your current point on your journey, and she shares wisdom teachings from the Angelic Realm on these steps. Linda's books will be available in the SESC Art Center.

Linda has been a student of personal growth, spirituality, and metaphysics since 1978. She is certified in several energy and spiritual modalities. She has a Master of Education Degree in Guidance and Counseling. In her previous career, she taught life skills to adults and youth in non-formal settings. She was also a volunteer on a crisis hotline.

A native of North Carolina, Linda has lived her adult life in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, where she currently resides. She has traveled on pilgrimages to sacred sites in Bolivia, England, Scotland, Ireland, Egypt, Greece, Israel, Jordan, Canada, Peru, and the United States.   

Visit Linda’s website: Personal Pathways of Light.
She established this website as a way to teach, honor and share with others on their unique pathways of ascension. Her messages from Archangel Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst are included on her website.

Donna Spring Gulick

As a workshop leader, spiritual counselor, speaker and author, Donna has empowered others to recognize and use their intuitive skills, and to live in love and compassion for oneself and for all. Although she began spiritual teaching and public speaking in her teens, her time in college and graduate school led her to become a speech pathologist. By her mid-thirties, however, amid a busy life with three small children and a husband, she returned to being an intuitive channel for individuals and groups.

For nearly four decades, she has conveyed universal truths that serve us in the interweaving of the sacred and the practical. At the end of May 2019, Donna closed her private practice. Led by guidance, she is now writing, creating "Nature Notes" as well as stories of times she and her husband Dave were guided to make radical moves or changes that made no logical sense, but that opened doors to greater service, community, and worlds unknown. Donna and Dave have been caregivers of three young grandchildren two and a half days a week for six years.

Donna has published numerous articles, a children's book, poetry and inspirational CDs. As a channel, she has recorded over 200 evening messages from Spirit given weekly on Thursday evenings over a 13-year span.

Although Donna is no longer offering readings or ongoing counseling, you can keep up with her by putting your name on her mailing list (from which she sends an announcement only if she is giving a workshop or talk or has a publication to offer.)

To learn more about Donna, please visit

Daystar Dial

Raise your frequency with a private dowsing session with Daystar Dial! Information about scheduling consultation sessions will be sent via email after you register to attend the conference. 

Born and raised in the community of the Lumbee Tribe of NC, Daystar’s early years were filled with lots of signs and wonders – from seeing loved ones on the other side to out of body experiences. Robert Monroe’s writings, Edgar Cayce’s readings, and her Godfather, who was the Medicine Man of her tribe, became her early teachers. Daystar had several near-death experiences which have led to her healing work with dowsing. 

Daystar’s certifications include:

 *Graduate in Energy Medicine, by the Monroe Institute. Also included in this certificate is Usui Shiki Ryoho, Reiki I and II, and Master Teacher. 
* Akashic Records Integration Process, by the Akashic Alliance. 
* Self I-Dentity through Ho’oponopono, by IZI LLC
* A Graduate of UNC-Pembroke
* Certificate of Ordination by the Order of Melchizedek, 1994. 
Energy healing through dowsing can create positive change in many ways:
  • Increase energy
  • Clear blockages that cause pain
  • Neutralize stressful situations
  • Enhance mental clarity
  • Tune and balance chakras
  • Scan and clear places and things
  • Help you feel centered and grounded

Monday, January 1, 2018

Vaughn Boone

July 11, 1916 - July 13, 2017

Our beloved Vaughn picked up his well earned wings and flew back home. Thank you Vaughn for blessing our world for your 101 years! You will live on in our hearts forever.


Vaughn is an inspiration to us all and is truly the heart of our conference spiritual family. We'll always remember the unconditional love and joy he brought to this conference for so many years.

Vaughn dedicated his life to being of service to others on the light-filled spiritual path. His wisdom and loving kindness touched many of us deeply, and we are grateful to him. Born a mystic, Vaughn was a brilliant healer, teacher, artist, singer/songwriter, retired CEO, and the author of a number of books including "Just Passing Through" which is the story of his fascinating life, and "Angels at Work" which includes stories of miraculous events that have occurred at this conference. Vaughn encourages us all to "Choose Joy!"

Watch an episode of WRAL's "Tarheel Traveler": Vaughn Boone - A Lifelong Entertainer."

Stanley and Vaughn