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"From the moment we drove onto campus, magic started..." - SESC attendee

The one-and-only Vaughn Boone! 

"The entire experience was uplifting, calming, healing. The June temperatures were soothing. Everything was quite perfect. " - SESC 2012 attendee

  "The healing service was beautiful and truly healing. Loved the plants and the candles and the music. The energy was powerful and loving."

 "It truly was the best conference ever!!! I have so much love and teachings and comfort and joy from our conference to tide me way into the future..."

His Orangeness (Laraaji)!
 "Total community and restorative healing for the soul..."

"Bless you for creating the opportunity for Something Beautiful to happen...again. It's curious how we come together and it feels like we have always been together."

Talent Show!

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Rev. Eda Long said...

I love this conference and all of these beautiful people so much! It refills me and uplifts me and keeps my face wide open in smiles! It is the safest place to play and learn!
Infinite and abundant blessings for all, Eda