Sunday, January 1, 2017

LeRoy Zemke

At SESC 2017, LeRoy will be teaching a three-day afternoon workshop :  "Hands On Healing: Theory and Practice."

He will also be available for private consultation sessions.

Reverend LeRoy Zemke is a teacher, minister, author, and internationally known intuitive consultant. For over 55 years, Rev. Zemke has practiced and taught principles for effective living and increasing spiritual awareness. As a life-long student of esoteric studies, metaphysics, and world religions, he brings a powerful and insightful message to his professional work. He has helped countless numbers of people throughout the U.S. and Europe to discover direction, inner clarity, and purpose for their lives.

In October 2014, LeRoy was sponsored by the Foundation for the Enhancement of Global Consciousness to teach, lecture, and counsel for three weeks in Zurich, Switzerland.

Learn more about LeRoy and his work as senior pastor of the  Temple of the Living God, a non-denominational metaphysical church in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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Annie said...

The 2012 Healing Service was so beautiful. Thank you Viola and LeRoy!