Workshops 2019

The Southeastern Spiritual Conference offers two progressive three-day workshops on Thursday-Saturday, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  Choose your workshops and write them on the registration form. Register early to ensure your preferred choice. Workshop locations will be in the packet you will receive when you check-in after arrival on campus.

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Morning Workshops

9:00 - 11:00 AM
Thursday, June 6 - Saturday, June 8

Gloria Karpinski
Sacred Activism and the Emerging Feminine: Hope of the Planet

2019 is bringing us another rapid turn of the spiral.   With it comes opportunity to better understand ourselves, our place and purpose in the world.   We are being invited to connect and synthesize information, personal self knowledge, and choices.  

Synthesis of all parts of the whole is a major dynamic of Yinness, the Divine Feminine, in men and women.    It is through the feminine energy that we understand connectedness, of self to Self and other people. It is inseparable from our awareness of the earth itself and all that lives here. 

We are privileged to be among the generations that are to rebirth and anchor this awareness. It’s more than a woman’s movement, even as surely it includes that.  The Renaissance of Yinness will give birth to many movements and in the fullness of time bring harmony on this planet.  And as is often said, the universal arc of justice is inevitable. We don’t know the timing but we hold the faith and practice what is increasingly being called Sacred Activism.  

Inclusion is the mandate; managing it takes skills and commitment.   Our time together will include tips and tools that focus intentions  as well as  guided meditations  designed to deepen and energize inner wisdom.

Pam and Don McMahon
We Are All Healers
A potpourri of healing skills and techniques

Come explore a wealth of tools for staying centered in a chaotic world. We are living in a time of rapid change which gives us the opportunity to connect with our Inner Healer and hone skills that keep us centered and sane. In this experiential workshop, we will practice a variety of user friendly techniques for self-healing, healing others, and planetary healing.

Breathwork, Walking in your Personal Power, and Grounding are among the techniques we will explore. Pam and Don are healers extraordinaire; they are masters in creating safe and sacred space where we can practice our healing skills and share our experiences. You will have an opportunity to share your favorite healing techniques with the group so please bring a practice that you love. Please bring a pillow and blanket for floor work.

Afternoon Workshops
1:30 - 3:30 PM 
Thursday, June 6- Saturday, June 8

Laraaji and Arji
Laughter, Sound, and Consciousness

Enter the creative play zone! During this Celestial Sound Immersion laughter and consciousness playshop, we will enter states of deep receptivity and bliss. Through laughter, breathwork, movement, chanting, and deep listening, immersion in Celestial Sound allows the mind to slowly lose its habit of getting lost in worldly concerns and returns our conscious awareness to the Self that is perfect, whole, and eternal. Celestial gong, zither, voice, percussion, digital orchestra, and nature sounds will be invited by master musician LARAAJI to reveal our Sound Immersion journey through us.
Known globally for his awesome healing music and laughter presentations, Laraaji offers this interactive, playful, educational, empowering, and deeply inspirational playshop to transport us inward to refreshing states of revitalization, hilarity, and meditative attunement. Assisting Laraaji will be Sound Healer/Laughter Playshop Collaborative Bliss-mate, Arji OceAnanda.

Please bring a pillow and blanket for floor work. Dress comfortably & expect to have some serious fun!

Cheryl Bridges
Journaling as a Spiritual Practice

Journaling is a commonplace practice these days—just take a look at the abundance of journals and instruction books available in any store! And, thanks to researchers like James Pennebaker and Ira Progoff, the benefits of journaling have been well documented and are widespread.

Journaling as a Spiritual Practice takes journaling into the world of soul as a way to connect with the Divine within us and beyond us. Spiritual journaling helps us find Light in darkness and meaning in mystery. Join in this interactive workshop to explore the ways journaling can be both a spiritual companion and a written meditation. Cheryl believes that creativity is the key to discovering and expressing Who We Really Are; journaling as a spiritual practice can help you live a more authentic, abundant, and passionate life.
Please bring your favorite journal (or a fresh new one) plus your favorite writing instruments.

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