Workshops 2018

The Southeastern Spiritual Conference offers two progressive three-day workshops on Thursday-Saturday, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  Choose your workshops and write them on the registration form. Register early to ensure your preferred choice. Workshop locations will be in the packet you will receive when you check-in after arrival on campus.

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Morning Workshops

9:00 - 11:00 AM
Thursday, June 7 - Saturday, June 9

Elaine Silver
Getting in Touch with Your Inner Magic

Join Faerie Elaine for a heart-filled experiential journey! This workshop utilizes breath work, movement, mudra, chanting, toning and ritual, and includes full participation. We not only get in touch with our own Inner Magic or Spirit, there is often profound healing as hearts and minds are expanded and opened to Infinite Possibility. Elaine will introduce us to techniques she has learned as a Science of Mind Practitioner (Elaine says, “I am loving the work, as I utilize this Philosophy in most of my performances and life. And it's very heart and mind opening as well as educational and FUN!”). These techniques enable an inquiry into who we really are and what we really want. The "Magic" happens as we become clear and focused and allow the Universe to bring to us our heart's desire. Come prepared to co-create your Possibilities with Spirit as Faerie Elaine guides you into yourself.

Malaika Pettigrew
The Mighty Power of Love

The Mighty Power of Love: A love that heals and uplifts us through all seasons and times. Malaika's intention for this workshop is to create sacred space where we are surrounded with loving, healing, and joyful energy. We know that the world doesn't change "out there," it changes within each of us as we awaken our hearts to the truth that God's Will for us is Perfect Happiness.

Malaika will lead us in a variety of activities and techniques including Compassionate Listening, Sacred Dance, singing/chanting, forgiveness exercises, and meditation. Compassionate Listening is a powerful healing exercise where we will work in pairs and act as "landing strips" for each other. Come prepared to relax, move your body, listen, share, and learn!

Afternoon Workshops

1:30 - 3:30 PM
Thursday, June 7- Saturday, June 9

Gloria Karpinski
Seasons and Cycles: Changing the Aging Paradigm

Few myths and assumptions in our collective consciousness are as ambiguous and puzzling as the ones on aging. We spent time, money, and energy to extend our time on earth. Getting older is a good thing. And we spend equal amounts of time, money and energy to turn back time. The message: Getting Old is not such a good thing. 

Anyone born anytime in the 20th century has been imprinted by the message of the old paradigm. As transitionists between old and new, we have been challenging the old myths of every kind from the time we were babies. We are doing it more and more with aging. 

It requires moving beyond a rant about the outer messages (seeking insight, we don't continually criticize the blind). It takes honesty, humor, and compassion to examine your own myths and then discard the things you don't really believe or choose. The reward is living your own life, creatively, on your own terms...all of your life. That is one of the goals of this workshop. 

It is time that we no longer look wistfully at cultures who have celebrated and honored their elders and assume that our own will never change. It IS changing. We are part of that change. 

***Since we begin to age as soon as we are born, this workshop will be helpful to anyone at any age. 

Marie Andersen-Whitehurst
Crystal Healing

Marie’s crystal workshops are known for being both informative and fun! We will learn about common types of quartz configurations and how to use them, and will also learn how to do a basic crystal layout. We will learn how to remove cords and remove self-limiting beliefs. The workshop will include floor work where we experience the healing power of laying on of stones. Participants will receive a hand-out with a basic list of which stones are good for specific purposes. The class may also include a field trip to Marie’s gem and mineral store, Earth Songs! Marie is a warm and wise teacher, non-judgemental and spiritual with a sense of humor – the techniques you learn in this workshop can have profoundly positive effects that will last a lifetime.

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Eda Long said...

This is our 25th incredible conference. We are a wonderful experience. The music this year is both our own most favorite couples. The workshops are wonderful and the classes intimate and fun. Everything from the beautiful campus, to the great food, add to this memorable event. Come, enjoy an oasis of joy and retreat from the world into a timeless place of friend, learning and sharing. We have an angel program and an Arts Center that are great. Our Healing Service is truly beautiful. I look forward to being there! Abundant blessings and bliss, Eda