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The Southeastern Spiritual Conference offers two progressive three-day workshops, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  Choose your workshops and write them on the registration form. Workshop locations will be in the packet you will receive when you check-in after arrival on campus.
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Morning Workshops

9:00 - 11:00 AM
Thursday, June 8 - Saturday, June 10

Donna Spring Gulick
Create Peace & Love in Ourselves and Our Unbalanced World

We are living in the chaos that makes way for the most major transformation ever experienced on Earth. In this cycle change, our souls are at peace with the big picture while our personalities often dance with fear, anger, hurt, and the shadow (collective and personal) which arises to be cleared and released. In the NOW, we will go deeper into the Peace and Love of which we are capable.  This class will help you:

Develop a sense of Refuge instead of fear

Expand your Beliefs and Trust amidst disturbing personal and world events

Create new kinds of Meditation to fit today’s individual and global transition
Expand your Prayer Concepts and Language

Re-wire your neural pathways that are sometimes stuck in negativity (including self-blame)
Receive your own Spiritual Guidance to bring inner Peace and renewed Happiness

         Each day's class will include teachings, prayer, group interaction, and meditation.

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Pam and Donald T. McMahon
Holy Breath - Sacred Sound

Breathwork is truly transformational! We will begin by assessing the efficiency of our personal breathing patterns and experience ways to become more mindful breathers. There will be exercises to expand, strengthen and empower our breath.

Adding Sacred Sound, we will open, lighten up, and align our chakras which boosts our overall energy and clarity so that we shine brighter and more joyfully!

This workshop is perfect for any and all who wish to release old “stuff” and renew their energy fields in a safe and sacred space. Pam and Don are masters in creating a safe energetic zone for deep transformation (and they will work with each person during the transformational breathing practice). This workshop includes some lecture but is mostly experiential as we practice breath techniques to release stress and revitalize our lives while also using sound to clear, center, and raise our frequency.

Yoga mats will be provided for floor work but you might want to bring a pillow and blanket for additional comfort.

Pam and Don are committed to exemplifying and sharing ways of walking gently and harmoniously on the Earth, weaving the spirit of Peace and ONEness with every breath. Join them for a sacred and transformational experience of Holy Breath and Sacred Sound.  

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Margaret Mohr
Extending Our Personal Rituals Forward and Creating New Ones

Margaret will lead a workshop centered on rituals and spiritual habits gleaned from our personal and collective studies of metaphysics, spirituality, and healing practices.

The workshop’s focus and challenge will be to explore and share your own acquired personal rituals, particularly those spiritual practices which have become a consistent and active part of your daily life. What rituals have you found to be productive, personally soothing, and an ongoing inspiration in your life?

The class will encourage members to share what they have learned, retained, and have found to be grounding, healing, and restorative. We will inspire and learn from each other in sacred space and time as new rituals will be explored and experienced.

There will be open discussions with opportunities for new perspectives inspired by others sharing their "spiritual habits." The class's overall emphasis will be on gentle and joyful interaction, sharing, and bonding.

Afternoon Workshops

1:30 - 3:30 PM
Thursday, June 8 - Saturday, June 10

Laraaji and Arji OceAnanda
Bringing Forth Your Highest Vision way...unfolding.

We shall enjoy three lovely days of getting inside the "you" that is channeling highest vision, warmest loving, clearest focus, and fullest identity.

We shall enjoy deep vibrational sound & light offerings  in a laughter, play and meditation-friendly setting as we interact, rest, laugh, open, feel, experience, share, and shift.

Please bring water, a scarf or cloth to use as a blindfold, and a pillow/blanket for floor work. Dress for comfort and relaxation. If possible, spend at least 20 minutes quiet time to yourself before each day's class.   Participants are welcome to bring a personal audio recorder to record designated sections of the workshop.

Meet Laraaji and Arji
Leroy Zemke
Hands On Healing: Theory and Practice

During our time together, we will explore:

I.      The spiritual basis for healing. Ancient origins and modern modalities that define the healing force.

II.     Our function as healer/helper. The role of the Health Practitioner. Opening our channel to be an instrument through which inner healing energies flow through us to another.

III.    A Divine Force exists within us. Centering ourselves physically and psychologically through deep breathing for 1-2 minutes. The key is relaxation. How to exercise control over the body as we relax. Simple practical steps to relax and become still.

IV.   Centering is an effortless effort – to become still, focus on breath…in/out for several minutes. This is something one does before any contact with another. A simple breath exercise will be offered.

V.    Intentionality – our deep inner yearning to be in service to the Source of All Life, to the Spirit within us as we surrender our will to control outcome.

VI.    Motivation emerges from our emotional and mental nature as we learn how to focus our attention to accomplish a particular goal. Motivation involves a deep sense of purpose to aid others. It, however, is not about fixing/changing others. It is about creating and supporting the internal/external state that affirms to others that Spirit is present in all situations.

Every student will have several opportunities to discern the emotional, mental, and psychic state of another in a very carefully designed yet loving manner. One to one laying on of hands experience will be presented and clearly demonstrated.

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Eda Long said...

This is our 25th incredible conference. We are a wonderful experience. The music this year is both our own most favorite couples. The workshops are wonderful and the classes intimate and fun. Everything from the beautiful campus, to the great food, add to this memorable event. Come, enjoy an oasis of joy and retreat from the world into a timeless place of friend, learning and sharing. We have an angel program and an Arts Center that are great. Our Healing Service is truly beautiful. I look forward to being there! Abundant blessings and bliss, Eda