Special Activities and Traditions

SESC Art Center

Art Center

 A wide variety of items for your pleasure and purchase will be available from exciting artisans and crafts people. Books, music, jewelry, T-shirts and numerous other items will be available. The Art Center (located in the South Apartments Multipurpose Room) is open to the public during the hours when workshops and lectures are not occurring. If you wish to be a vendor in the Art Center, please contact Yonnie at yonniejo@hotmail.com

The Raffle
A variety of donated items will be on display in the Art Center; you may buy raffle tickets for the items of your choice! Drawings will be held nightly, with the “Raffle” climaxing on Saturday night after the Healing Service. All proceeds from the sales will be used for the Southeastern Conference Scholarship Fund. To donate items or buy tickets, see the SESC staff during the Art Center’s regularly scheduled hours. Raffle tickets make excellent Guardian Angel gifts!

Rap Sessions
A popular feature of the conference, raps will be scheduled after the evening programs and are open to all conferees. A schedule of topics and leaders will be in the orientation packet you receive upon arrival at the conference. Raps offer the opportunity to explore a variety of topics in an informal setting. 2019 raps will include Foot Rubs with Essential Oils. 

Free Time Activities 

Scheduled from 3:45-4:45 each afternoon, free time activities offer another opportunity to explore a variety of topics. 2019 Free Time Activities will include DreamWork with Arji Oceandanda, and Spiritual Dowsing with Daystar Dial. 

And of course, our fabulous famous Talent Show on Saturday afternoon!

Guardian Angel Program
Do you want to be someone’s Guardian Angel? Do YOU want a Guardian Angel?

On Wednesday night, put your name and dorm room number on the “Angel Form” and deposit in the “Angel Box”. Angel forms and the Angel Box will both be located at the Information Desk in the Multi-Purpose room.

AFTER you put your name in, draw a name out of the “Angel Box”. You will be this person’s Guardian Angel for the rest of the conference.
Remember that those who bring love to the lives of others are truly blessed. How to be a Guardian Angel for someone: send this person loving thoughts throughout the week; include them in your prayers; send an extra warm smile their way; surprise them with a hug; slip a note under their door reminding them they are loved. Use your imagination to figure out a way to let them know how special they are. If you are planning to leave a gift by their door, however, PLEASE PUT THEIR NAME ON IT! If you are a day student, put “off campus” on your Angel Form. Off campus messages and gifts may be left at the Information Desk for delivery and pick up.

The Heart of the Conference
All of the Raffle tickets from the whole week go into a big box and on Saturday night, the last thing we raffle off is the Heart of the Conference. The Heart will spend the year with its winner who will return it the next summer. Everyone who has been a Keeper of the Heart has loved the experience!

The Heart of the Conference