Evening Programs

Each evening from 7:00 - 9:00 pm, we will gather in the Multipurpose Room in the Community Center behind South Apartments for a program.

All evening programs are open to the public; admission is $10 for those not registered for the conference.
There is no charge for the Saturday evening Healing Service.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Opening Ceremony
Malaika Pettigrew: Love Is ALWAYS the Answer

Our conference journey begins tonight as we join together to create sacred heart space with music, meditation, laughter, and sharing. We'll explore the healing intention of the 2018 conference theme: Hearts OPEN, Blessings FLOW.

Malaika will speak from her heart as she shares her personal experience with a health challenge and how she is turning a crisis into a personal and collective blessing. Malaika has been the Keeper of the Heart of the Conference in 2017-2018, and she will share her experiences with us.
The Opening Ceremony will be followed by a Welcome Mixer and the Grand Opening of the SESC Art Center.

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Thursday, June 7, 2018

Elaine Silver and James Alexander:

Peace, Love, and Joy Through Song

Listen to and sing along (if you wish) with Elaine & James as we raise the vibratory rate through the magic of music.  “Faerie” Elaine Silver is a seasoned performer, songwriter, touring musician and recording artist (20 CDs and counting) with the voice of an Angel. She will be accompanied by her husband (a former rocket scientist!) James Alexander on bass ukulele.

"Elaine Silver's music opens my heart, big time.  Treat yourself to the riches of her soul."
--Alan Cohen, best-selling author, The Dragon Doesn't Live Here Anymore

 "...Fantastic!  That was one of those moments, when she was singing I Will, and the room -- there was one heartbeat in this room.  It was one of those moments that we live for.  That was so beautiful.  Wasn't that gorgeous?  Elaine Silver."                      
--Marianne Williamson, best-selling author
"Elaine Silver's music has the power to induce you into a deep state of Love."
--don Miguel Ruiz, best-selling author, The Four Agreements

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 Friday, June 8, 2018

Gloria Karpinski: Synthesis -The Next Step

Synthesis is the deep healing of the illusionary wound of Separation, from parts of ourselves, from each other, from the planet, and from Source.

Now is the time for taking the skills, knowledge, legacies of wisdom, and our intuition, and fusing them with our planet Earth. This evening will offer some thoughts to support this healing intention. 

“Once awake and committed, we become caretakers of the new vision for our Earth. In order to stay poised in the chaos, we need to be both still and skilled. That vision asks us to become practical mystics whose inspirations are from the heavens and whose feet are on the ground." - Gloria
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Saturday, June 9, 2018 
The SESC Healing Service

Our annual Healing Service will be facilitated by Jerry Baburek and Susan Kaney.

Every human being who is capable of love is also capable of healing. As we express our love for each other, for our planet Earth, and for all living things, we become channels for creating wholeness in all dimensions.

This will be an evening of healing and joy, and a time of coming together in love and peace.  

Thank you to Susan and Jerry for guiding us to create the sacred space where miracles occur.

Healing Altar 2015

2013 Healing Service

Sunday, June 10, 9:15 AM
SESC Slide Show

Before we say "farewell and see you next year," we'll join together for a memorable journey, reliving our time together with slides and music. Recapturing the memories and friendships of the week will empower us all to joyfully return to the "real world!"