Evening Programs

Each evening from 7:00 - 9:00 pm, we will gather in the Multipurpose Room in the Community Center behind South Apartments for a program. From 6:30 - 7:00 pm, you can enjoy magical live meditative music by Laraaji & Arji! 

All evening programs are open to the public; admission is $10 for those not registered for the conference.

There is no charge for the Saturday evening Healing Service.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Opening Ceremony
Cheryl Bridges: Five Things Quakers Can Teach the World

Our conference journey begins tonight as we join together to create sacred heart space with music, meditation, laughter, and sharing. We'll open to the healing intention of the 2019 conference theme: The Great Web of Love Embracing Mother Earth. 

Our opening night speaker, Cheryl Bridges, will share wisdom from the Quaker tradition with us. In this world of noise and negativity, the traditions practiced within the Religious Society of Friends can teach us all. Come learn about the five SPICEs that Quakers add to life and how you can utilize them in your own spiritual journey.

Laraaji will surely lead us in a sing-a-long, dance-a-long celebration of "Happy Feet"!

The Opening Ceremony will be followed by a Welcome Mixer and the Grand Opening of the SESC Art Center.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Laraaji & Arji 
Bring Forth Your Highest Vision
A Magical Musical Evening
Join us for an uplifting and healing journey through sound vibration, heart connection, cosmic wisdom, and blissful stillness. Laraaji and Arji will share celestial sounds that will create a soundscape for wholeness and peace.
Experience the unique sounds of celestial open-tuned zither/harp, African thumb piano (Kalimba), gentle percussion, vocals, surprises, and lots of delicious laughter. Celebrate as we join heart to heart, soul to soul in the sacred space of cosmic sound vibration, gratitude, and healing love.

Isn't it wonderful to be alive NOW!

 Known globally for his awesome healing music presentations, New Age icon Laraaji will  transport us inward to refreshing states of love and oneness.  Assisting Laraaji will be Sound Healer Bliss-mate, Arji OceAnanda. Come prepared for comfort, love, and joy!  

Friday, June 7, 2019

Gloria Karpinski: Whose Child is This?
An evening program that celebrates the children of the world

Whose child is this?
This is a question that must be raised by conscious people as we watch children all over  the world caught in the turmoil of the evolutionary shift.

Even as we are exploring various practices with the children in our families and neighborhoods, we are seeing  the images and  hearing  the statistics  from all over our planet that often shock and sadden. Whatever the color, the accent, the country or the politics, these children are the future of planet earth.   They will inherit “the garden.”  All of them. 

How do we walk with this information and not look away or become immobilized? This evening’s presentation speaks to this question. It includes the title poem and song/audience response written by Gloria and a deep, celebratory bow to the children of the world.       

“Once awake and committed, we become caretakers of the new vision for our Earth. In order to stay poised in the chaos, we need to be both still and skilled. That vision asks us to become practical mystics whose inspirations are from the heavens and whose feet are on the ground." - Gloria

Saturday, June 8, 2019 
The SESC Healing Service

Our annual Healing Service will be facilitated by Jerry Baburek and Susan Kaney.

Every human being who is capable of love is also capable of healing. As we express our love for each other, for our planet Earth, and for all living things, we become channels for creating wholeness in all dimensions.

This will be an evening of healing and joy, and a time of coming together in love and peace.  

Thank you to Susan and Jerry for guiding us to create the sacred space where miracles occur.

Healing Altar 2015

2013 Healing Service

Sunday, June 9, 9:15 AM
SESC Slide Show

Before we say "farewell and see you next year," we'll join together for a memorable journey, reliving our time together with slides and music. Recapturing the memories and friendships of the week will empower us all to joyfully return to the "real world!"