Sunday, January 1, 2017

Stanley Peele

Stanley Peele and Vaughn Boone will be offering a "Floating Playshop" at SESC 2017. They will be available to share, laugh, and chat, and time will be scheduled each day for them to offer the "Bo-Peep" experience of unconditional love with old students and new.  

Stanley is a newspaper columnist,  writer, mediator, counselor, and nursing home volunteer. He retired as a judge in February 2013.  He helped create organizations dealing with young people and has been a Big Brother to many youngsters. He has been active in spiritual healing and is a facilitator of spiritual groups. He has written articles and three books: A Simple Guide to Spiritual Healing, The River of Light, and What I Learned From Edgar Cayce . He has had a near-death experience and several out-of-body experiences. Other than that, he has not done much. (He has a great sense of humor, obviously!)

Stanley and Vaughn

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