Sunday, January 1, 2017

Vaughn Boone

July 11, 1916 - July 13, 2017

Our beloved Vaughn picked up his well earned wings this week and flew back home. Thank you Vaughn for blessing our world for your 101 years! You will live on in our hearts forever.


Vaughn is an inspiration to us all and is truly the heart of our conference spiritual family. This year, Vaughn and Stanley Peele will be offering a "floating playshop" with time scheduled each day to share in the unconditional love and laughter they have been bringing to this conference for so many years.

We feel sure that Vaughn will have some surprises in store for us at the Talent Show on Saturday afternoon!

Vaughn has dedicated his life to being of service to others on the light-filled spiritual path. His wisdom and loving kindness have touched many of us deeply, and we are grateful to him. Born a mystic, Vaughn is a brilliant healer, teacher, artist, singer/songwriter, retired CEO, and the author of a number of books including "Just Passing Through" which is the story of his fascinating life, and "Angels at Work" which includes stories of miraculous events that have occurred at this conference. Vaughn encourages us all to "Choose Joy!"

Watch an episode of WRAL's "Tarheel Traveler": Vaughn Boone - A Lifelong Entertainer."

If you have never had the "Vaughn Boone experience," all we can say is you are in for a treat!

Stanley and Vaughn

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